I HAZ OVARIEZ and what of it?

I’m ashamed to admit at the age of 21, I have only just truly learned the definition of ‘sexism’ and ‘feminism’. In my little bubble, affectionately known as ‘Callingshite’, I was rarely faced with sexism, the only things I believed to be sexist was the glaringly obviously comments like “Women belong in the kitchen”, however […]


I was going to write a few in the same post, however I think I will just post this one separately as I haven’t given myself much time but I haven’t posted in a while, I will do a few more tonight. The Shining (1980) Directed by: Stanley Kubrick Written by: Stanley Kubrick (Adapted from […]


Okay, so I know that this is a film blog…but let’s face it, no one gives a fuck about my opinions on classic films. So I’m sure you, my couple of followers, will forgive me for this slightly…well extremely, off-topic post. I want you to be aware of this wonderful piece of ‘journalism’, right here. […]

1,001 MTSBYD, Episode 3

Ello… Yeah, here’s some more… Life of Brian (1979) Directed by: Terry Jones Written by: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michel Palin 9/10 As I have said previously, Monty Python is one of the greatest comedic groups of all time, so as you can imagine, ‘Life of Brian’ will make […]

1,001 MTSBYD, Episode 2

Here it is, episode 2. I don’t know why I decided to call them ‘episodes’, I thought it would be quirky…it just makes me sound like a total tit-head. You’ll also notice that I’ve now added the director and writer under all titles, I will edit it in for the last post too. The reason […]