1,001 MTSBYD, Episode 3

Ello… Yeah, here’s some more…

Life of Brian (1979)

Directed by: Terry Jones

Written by: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michel Palin


As I have said previously, Monty Python is one of the greatest comedic groups of all time, so as you can imagine, ‘Life of Brian’ will make you jizz in your pants. Ew. Sorry.

The film follows a man named Brian (Graham Chapman) who is born in the stable next door to Jesus. Later he attends Jesus’ ‘Sermon on the Mount’ where Brian notices a lady named Judith (Sue Jones-Davies), a rebel that shares his hatred for the Romans. He then joins her rebel group, ‘The People’s Front of Judea’.

This gets ol’ Brian into a heap of trouble. At one point, Brian has to escape guards, in order to ‘blend in’ with the crowds he begins preaching a bunch of religious BS, attracting attention from wannabe followers, unintentionally convincing them that he is the Messiah.


With all the unwanted attention, Brian is soon captured. His followers, angered by this, form outside Pilate’s…thing. Pilate lets them decide who should be pardoned. As Pilate has a speech impediment (he sounds ‘w’ instead of ‘r’, like Jonathan Ross…or me until the age of about 10…yeah, shut up) the followers just shout any random name with the letter ‘r’ in it to take the piss out of Pilate. Until Judith corrects the crowd. “WELEASE BWIAN!”

However, in order to get their freedom, loads of people claim to be Brian (parodying Spartacus).


Unfortunately for poor Brian, the wrong man ends up walking free.

His followers and friends, confuse the situation and believe him to be a freedom fighter, and argue for him to remain crucified.

Until the Judean People’s Front (PFJ’s rivals – although they fight the same cause) attack the Romans, however they fail and inadvertantly commit mass suicide. Lol, right? 

The film ends with the song that everyone knows, even if they haven’t seen the film. It goes something like this…


Perhaps that wasn’t the best example, let me try again…



The plot is a perfect light-hearted parody of the bible, but isn’t really offensive, in fact they have a few, nice atheist messages scattered throughout. For example,


As well as this, the film features Monty Python’s ridiculous humour, which everyone loves. And if they don’t they’re humourless twats.


The Muppet Movie (1979)

Director: James Frawley

Writers: Jack Burns, Jerry Juhl


I love The Muppets, and not just because ‘Muppet’ is such a fun word to say. I love them because I’m a total loser.



Basically, because of the performance above, Kermit is approached by an agent, inspiring him to seek fame.

So Kermit sets of to LA, to find his fortune. How fucking adorable.

On his way he is joined by some muppet friends, including Fozzie and Miss Piggy. Kermit falls for Miss Piggy, who is then kidnapped in order to lure Kermit into a trap. Previously Kermit was approached by Doc Hopper, he wanted Kermit to appear in his Frog’s Legs commercials. Kermit is then brainwashed to do so. However, Miss Piggy uses her kung-fu action to stop Doc Hopper. She then fucks off and leaves a broken-hearted Kermit alone.


Eventually they are reunited however, and the friends all set off once again. Until Fozzie’s car breaks down and they are stranded in the desert.


Depressed that they are going to miss their audition, Kermit wanders into the desert alone where he has a vision of himself, not giving up. He returns to the camp to discover that his friend Scooter has turned up to help them get to LA – yay!

Finally, they’ve made it to LA! Or have they? Well actually no, because you’ll guess what – that prick Doc Hopper has hired an assassin to kill Kermit! I know, da fuq right? But yeah, it’s true. His name is Snake Walker (Scott Walker). Kermit and Snake engage in a cowboyesque showdown. Luckily Dr Bunsen is there and totally fucks up his experiment, a pill that makes things grow, turning Animal into a giant. Hopper then runs away like a little pussy.

Finally, they make it to LA. And they all star in their own film, The Muppet Movie. See what they did there? Muppetception!

The Jerk (1979)

Director: Carl Reiner

Writer: Steve Martin, Carl Gottlieb


I remember loving this film when I saw it, however I don’t actually remember the details of the narrative. So I will keep this very brief:

Navin (Steve Martin) is the only white child in a large black family.


He never really fits in, one of the examples given is how he doesn’t have a sense of rhythm (casually racist stereotype, but it is the 70s). Until he hears this song that I guess is considered to be ‘very white’ and all of a sudden he finds his rhythm! He then decides to leave his little town and discover the world. He sets of to St Louis, along the way he is treated very badly, people using him and him being too stupid to realize. Whilst in St Louis he inadvertently invents something to stop people’s glasses from falling off people’s face or something. He is then screwed over, and I don’t really remember the end. I need to re-watch it, at least I haven’t given much away…unlike my last two posts, sorry about that guys…got a little carried away.

Also, for all the Brits reading, ‘Jerk’ apparently means a stupid person. I remember being explained this, because I was a total ‘jerk’.




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